Q: How do I add items to my shopping cart?

A: All users can add items to your shopping cart by using our search engine to browse for the products you wish to add or purchase through categories and or in our website.

Once you are able to locate the concerned product you’d like to buy, simply click on “ADD TO CART” button next to the item(s) you have shown interest to add the selected items to your shopping cart.

Now it’s simply easy for you to change the quantity of items to order, delete an item, or empty the shopping cart, continue shopping or check out.

Q: Account Creation?

A: Please open the website at www.tharakansdutypaid.com. Once opened, you would find a Login or Register at the top of the navigation bar. Upon clicking the Log in button, you would be prompted for a fill up form.

Please enter your email address and password to login. Please ensure that you have checked on the Terms & Conditions check box of our website at www.tharakansdutypaid.com.

Next click or press the Submit button for the confirmation of the log in or registering process.   

Q: I forgot my password but never registered an e-mail with Tharakansdutypaid. Can I still reset my password?

A: Certainly, not. That’s not possible. Unless you have a registered email with us (www.tharakansdutypaid.com.) we cannot reset the password for you. This process cannot be carried out due to the unavailability to verify your contact information.

Q: I want to change my username. Do I need to start a new account?

A: Yes. Once an account has been created, it’s not possible to edit the username. Therefore, there is a need for a new account besides the existing one.

Q: Is it OK or Appropriate to create multiple accounts?

A: Yes. It’s possible so long as you don’t up-vote your own submissions.

Q: How can I delete an unwanted item from my shopping cart?

A: You can delete an unwanted item from the shopping cart by clicking the “DELETE ITEM” icon within the shopping cart placed at the far right of each row.

If you want to delete all the items from the shopping cart, then click on “EMPTY SHOPPING CART” button situated under the “CART TOOLS” option.

Q: Is the Order Processing Secure?

YES of course. Our website uses the latest encrypted technology of 128 Bit encryption technique to protect your personal information. We have a secured ordering process from the beginning to the end.

Q: How to search for a particular product (MOBILE) in a category?

A: Search now becomes easy with the search box at the top of THARAKANS DUTY PAID using general keywords like memory, motherboard failure and so on.

If you face any problem in searching for the specific product or service, try reducing the keyword length or use more general keywords.

After you searched for the relevant products, you can freely use the sort options to sort your results by different factors including the price rates.

Q: Browsing through Categories?

A: Navigations bar on the left helps you browse for products by clicks on the category links placed on the left of the website. Category links help you sort the products by specific category groups.

Refining the search results comes useful for our customers. Therefore, you can refine the product selection through subcategories inside the navigation barring.

In order to close or remove the subcategory filter, click on the X mark next to the subcategory in the breadcrumb trail listed at the top of the search results.

The drop down boxes at the top of the result page, allows you to sort the results and change the results by numbers on the page.

Q:  Advanced Filtering?

A: To find for products with larger categories, like desktops, pc’s and I pads, you can use the advanced filtering tool. This feature allows you to shop your choice through specific criteria for the perfect product.

Q: Ordering Information?

A: Upon submission of an order you would be sent an e-mail with details of products ordered and all invoice /billing details /shipping information attached.

If by chance any information is incorrect or wrong, please email us to info@tharakansdutypaid.com or please call us on 9048168319.

Q:Types of Payment Mode

A: We accept VISA cards, master card, debit cards and also credit cards of international banks only for any or all online purchases. 

Consequently, we would be adding a charge on your credit card son the day of shipment however, we reserve the right to retain a deposit or full amount charge son special parts ordered.

Q: Prices 

A: All prices or charges are in Indian Rupees and are subject to change without notice.

Q: Quantity Purchasing  

A: Most Items are available in large quantities for manufacturers and volume users. Please contact us through emails or by telephone for obtaining a price quote especially for large volumes.

 Pour sales representative will get back to you promptly. The contact information is given under the Contact Us heading on the Home Page. 

Q: In Stock Information 

A: All on hand information is subject to change. Our online details are updated on a regular basis, but there could be a situation when the item is in stock or out of stock or old to another customer.

We will inform you about the details of the order after the status of the order have been updated.