0 % Interest Scheme: Jackpot Offer for You

Dreaming of a mobile in the competitive world of fantasies! Yes. We all dream of at least one. But what’s the best offer and from where can I get the offer.  Tharakans a mobile store in the heart of traditions—Thrissur, Kerala rolls out new mobiles each week just for you.

The price of mobiles narrows down your expense to almost nil. There is no interest rate applied under the Finance services offered.

Surprised! Yes that’s true. However, if you are running out of cash, don’t worry you would not be overloaded with a hefty expense.


Now some of the possible questions that rise in our brains are:

Q: How many Finance services are there?

A: Two, namely: Bajaj Finserv and Home Credit Loans.

Q: How to apply for the Finance services?

A:  It’s necessary to be present at the shop for all of the Finance services available.

Q: What’s the exact process for the Financial Service?

A: we would be checking all credentials for the acknowledgement process to be completed. Next you would have to submit all mandatory documents at the time of the acknowledgement process to be complete.

The Financial services like Bajaj Finserv and Home Credit Loans are not available online and so, it’s not possible to inform you through any emails regarding the Finance services available.

If you have any doubts, then don’t worry, our executives would assist you in completing the form without any hustle or bustle.

Q:  Can any other person, other than the account holder buy the mobile?

A: No. That’s not possible. The person who bought the mobile is solely responsible for the ownership of the account and the mobile.  The mobile is registered in his or her name at the time of the purchase.

Q: Is this Financial Service offered only for residents of Thrissur or other cities as well?

A: Only Residents of Thrissur, Kerala, are entitled for this offer.  All EMI Financial services under any or all Finance services are applicable only to the residents of Thrissur, Kerala.

Q:  What’s the maximum down-payment that can be assured of at the time of EMI Financial services?

A: All Down-payments vary from mobile to mobile. Yet the initial down-payment begins from Rs.599 onwards for most of the mobiles.

Bajaj finserv Financial Services

Buying the latest Smartphone under this Financial Service is easy and trouble free.

FAQ’s about Bajaj finserv Services

Q:  What all initial documents must I be carrying for the Bajaj Finserv documentation to be complete?

A:  All the documents or any that supports the identity such as PAN Card for Bajaj Finserv Services (is a MUST). Please bring along a cancelled cheque leaf and a Bank Statement of the recent bank you had been with.  Any ID Proof to be shown for the verification.

Photo will be  clicked after the process is complete and validated.

Q: What are the tenor options I can avail of the service?

A: There are tenor options ranging from 5-15 months.

Q: Where can I contact for further queries regarding the services offered?

A:  You can visit our shop for an answer guided by our marketing executives.

Q: What are the interest rates and processing fees if applied in the service?

A: There are no interest rates applied under this financial service for selected brands. The processing fee may vary from mobile to mobile.

 How to avail Home Credit Loans Financial Services?

  • Visit Tharakans Duty Paid store.
  • Documents that are necessary include Aadhar Card, Bank Passbook and any ID Proof. (Original to be shown),
  • Meet our representative who will guide you through form filling formalities.
  • Evaluates the application based on certain guidelines.
  • Once approved. You pay the down-payment and sign the contract.
  • Next make monthly payments before the due date.

What makes it special?

All services are simple, fast and affordable.

Benefits of the Scheme           

The Financial services mentioned above like Bajaj finserv and Home Credit Loans help you in the following ways:

  • Financial services such as these enable you to buy mobiles without any hustle or bustle.
  • You don’t have to run about paying interests to banks and to other sources.
  • The EMI Options available allow flexibility for the user to pay in installments.
  • Though there is no Interest rate applied yet the down-payment may vary from mobile to mobile.
  • We have plenty of such Financial services to help users buy their choicest gadgets without any over expense met.
  • We at Tharakans Duty Paid Offer, No interest Financial services through likeminded Financial services such as Bajaj Finserv and Home Credit Loans.


  • Mobiles of any price can be bought without paying  interest for specified brands.
  • The overhead of paying interests to other banks or Financial services is avoided or outdated.
  • You can have the privilege of Gifting or buying your fancy mobile.
  • The Down Payment initially starts from Rs. 599 onwards.

EMI and the mobiles payment details under this Scheme?

EMI is an acronym for equated monthly installment.  This means that a fixed payment amount needs to be paid to the lender from the borrower. This means that once the amount is paid each month over a span of years, the loan is paid off in full.   

But how does it help us here. EMI Options under the Financial services like Bajaj Finserv and Home Credit Loans are take care of by the respective boards. These Financial services depending on the price of the mobile is calculated with no interest and notified to the user or the buyer.

 It’s advisable and or recommended to bring along the mandatory documents like Passport, Driving License or Voters ID Card for the Identity proofs and also for the Address Pr

The Financial services may sound to be quite of a promotional method for sale of mobiles. To a certain extent that may be true. But think again. What happens if you don’t have a mobile today and your daily routines prepped up are ruined? Naturally and obviously, you would go for a mobile by paying less and without any interest at all.

Therefore the need for such Financial services comes to your rescue. The user or the buyer is enabled with a choice to decide for him or her.

Highlights of the Financial services

  • No Interest needs to be paid.
  • Down-payments starting from Rs. 599 onwards and less.
  • Financial services like Bajaj Finserv and Home Credit Loans offered at Tharakans Duty Paid Shop at Thrissur, Kerala, India.
  • All Mandatory documents need to be submitted at the time of the purchase.
  • You or the buyer, if enrolled for the scheme cannot cancel or close the scheme as per his /her wish.
  • We do not serve or entertain residents outside Thrissur or Abroad.
  • Solely only for residents in and around Thrissur.
  • You have to physically visit the shop or store at our office for activating and proper validation procedures.

Store details

We Tharakans Duty Paid operate at


First Floor, City Center,

Naikkanal, Thrissur, Kerala, India.


Email id: and Contact No.: +91 904 816 8319