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Special, Big and Powerful Swiping: Business Fortune at Tharakans

Now all cashless transactions are made easy at website. Tharakans’ website for the first time, introduces Swiping Machines with advanced technology that makes reliable and faster payments.

With the advancement in the swiping machines, all customers at Tharakans can avail  themselves of better services. Services such as payment for EMI, through credit cards are faster with accurate and authorized swipes.  

Tharakans has adopted Pine Labs Payment solutions for quicker, prompt and secure payments. They enable the use of credit cards/debit cards, EMI or even e-wallets, for payments which  are simplified at each step.  The technology of swiping in machines installed in Tharakans stores ensures faster and reliable payments. Quicker EMI payments are facilitated by swiping in the swiping machines.

Swiping Machines at Tharakan stores are equipped with provisions for payments made through credit cards linked to EMI accounts, rendering help in getting or transfer of payments faster. We, at Tharkan's accept all cashless payments by simple swiping of the machines enabled for EMI Payments at a go.

These swiping machines with Tharakans make sure that each transaction or payment history is generated for easy access to the customers. The generated slips or reports printed upon  immediate request of the customer are checked and re-checked with relevant applications to avoid loss of service.

The records are maintained in the database of payments of products bought with dates and time. All recorded or printed slips carry the customer's signature or thumb impression to check fraudulent activity.  Instant reports that include all these details are made available at all registered counters to prevent unauthorized access to  goods or products.

Cash back offers are simplified by printing slips for records and discounts through swiping. All  EMI transactions are kept as a back up for discounted products.

Tharakans accepts EMI cards provided by Bajaj Finserv, a payment website, relieving the pressure of paying EMI's through credit cards. Policies and Conditions apply to various products bought through this card. Time, money and effort are saved in the process.  




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