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We deliver all products/services online to the customers correspondence online. We provide adequate refunds according to the company's guidelines and terms or policies.

YOU as a customer can always visit our website for your choicest product at minimum prices.

Mobile Repair

Our website has professionals involved in repair of Mobiles, cellphones, including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola,Chinese handsets, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, Apple Iphones, MyPhones and other mobiles as well. Perfect solution for a perfect device is our  aim.

We find solutions to most of  the mobile accesssories like speakers, earpieces, headphones,microphones, motor or vibrator, ringer or buzzer problems, camera display, screen faults, PDA, LCD, POWER BUTTON, Bluetooth Connectivity, infrared, antenna switch, handfree, keypad damaged, insert sim and non insert sim problems, no power or set dead.


Tharakan's has a marvellous choice of computer accessories, perfumes, watches for  customers through a click. Tharakan's has a marvellous choice of computer accessories, perfumes, watches for  customers through a click. Get  your dream device at dream rates. 

We are headquartered in City Centre, Thrissur, Kerala, India.We welcome you to a world of choices and  brands for your dreams. Our devices come with a variety of mobile phones, digital cameras, mp 3 players, computer games in playstation, cds, portable playstations  of valued brands, that serve beyond borders and time.

Visit our website: http: www, for more. Know more and dream your  choicest product.

Mobile Repair

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