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An e-commerce site developed to meet the online needs of customers online. We are a well- established firm at the traditional, heart of Gods Own Country (Thrissur, Kerala). We have our branches spread across the world and the country.

Our services range not only from sale of Mobiles but also in trending styles of Lifestyles Gadgets. We believe in serving customers online through online services. 

We Tharakan’s, are a bunch of mobile sellers for mobile crazy’s. Our mobile center as well as website are developed, designed and drafted specially for mobile frenetic. We specialize in sale of mobiles as well as games online through our stores and online. We believe in five main goals for success: TREAD on…….

Think: A planned thought for all websites is essential. All strategies for development arise here. The vision here is to THINK.

Evolve: Plans drafted need to be developed for enhancing site for milestones. Plans need to evolve again and again for removal of errors if any. EVOLVE here.

Accurate: Be accurate or precise in the theme or subject being developed. Accuracy is always a factor clients look forward to. Be ACCURATE.

Design: Images with appropriate matter speak a lot more than plain text. Designs should be developed on the above factors for incredible output. Aesthetic DESIGNS .




Are you bored of using your outdated products and looking for a change ?

Tharakan Duty Paid is now announcing exchange offers. If you want to buy or sell used items, then you are at right place. Thousands of buyers/sellers are waiting to buy/sell used items in our store. Exchange facility is available for the following products

  • Mobile Phones (A huge collection of used mobiles available)
  • Game Consoles (Used PS4, PS3, PS2, PSP, XBOX available)

Mobile Repair

Our website has professionals involved in repair of Mobiles, cellphones, including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Chinese handsets, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, Apple Iphones, MyPhones and other mobiles as well. Perfect solution for a perfect device is our  aim.


YOU as a customer can always visit our website for your choicest product at minimum prices. 



Tharakan's has a marvellous choice of computer accessories, perfumes, watches, cosmetics,for customers who won't settle for anything less than the best. Visit our website to know Today's price range of the products, gifts and other amazing offers.Get your dream items at dream rates

Tharakan's Duty Paid Shoppe, on the first floor of city centre Thrissur, Welcomes you to beckons you to an enchanting world of digital gadgets with an aweful variety of mobilephones, digital cameras, mp3 players, computer games playstation cds and portable play stations of titan brands which are beyond time and borders. 

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